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GeoNetMap - our IP address to geographic location database

Do you know where your customer lives or what language they speak?
Are you providing your customers with relevant content?

Get to know your customer with GeoNetMap!
Provide your customer with what they want by recognizing their individuality. Whether this means a clearer understanding of your website traffic or communicating with your customers in their own language, Geobytesí GeoNetMap subscription service is the answer.

Geobytes' GeoNetMap Subscription Service provides full access to our IP address to location database. The technology behind this has been developed by geobytes and is not dependent upon any information provided by the Internet user. It does not use cookies, DNS look ups or WHOIS data

Incorporating our solution is quick, simple and provides instant results

  • Ease of implementation results in reduced development time and a quicker route to market 
  • Cost savings result as no extra dedicated hardware or software is needed to implement the solution
  • As there is no need for co-located or dedicated geoservers or API's, there is no exposure to external controls, nor is there any requirement to reconfigure firewalls 
  • No reliance on 3rd parties means you are in control at all times 
  • You always have direct personal access to the geodata

Our product is cost effective and delivers immediate benefits
The Internet is global but your customers are local. Framing your products and services within the local context of your customersí location enhances their web experience. It makes their buying decisions easier and thus has an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Knowing your customers geographic location improves your site's usability and your customer retention rate. Providing relevant content and targeting your marketing efforts results in better closure rates and increased profits. 

Some of the benefits GeoNetMap can provide are:

  • Reduced development time
    The Geobytes' GeoNetMap Service provides you with direct database access allowing for direct integration into your new or existing products or services. This provides for improved performance and stability of product, while simplifying implementation and development time. Reducing the development time means faster speed to market and earlier impact on your bottom line. 

  • Cost savings 
    As our solution requires no extra-dedicated hardware or software there is no need to install new components, or to learn a new API or interface.

  • Easy to implement solution
    Our GeoNetMap Solution fits easily into your operating environment. 
    We provide you with our dedicated integration guide. You also receive a quick and easy way to determine cities which are geographically close.
    This helps make your customer feel like you know them, helps you make them feel at home by knowing their geographic location and the cities around them.

  • Cost effective solution
    Framing your product or service within the local content of your customers location enhances their web experiences, makes their buying decisions easier and has immediate impact on your bottom line. 
    Reducing the number of clicks your customer requires to get to the right page means there is less chance that they will leave before they find out whether you service their area. 

  • No exposure to external controls 
    As there is no need for co-located or dedicated geo-servers or API's, there is no exposure to external controls, nor is there any requirement to reconfigure firewalls.

  • The client is in total control
    No reliance on 3rd parties, means that the client is in control at all times.

  • Global Coverage
    Global coverage allows you to identify customer's locations from all corners of the world.  Customers buy locally, so increase your sales by easily providing a local "look and feel" to your customer's web experience.

  • Customizable to meet your requirements
    You choose what you want, and which fields you want from over 20 data fields including city, region, country, time zone, plus others. 
    Make your customers feel like you know them.  Improve your sales by marketing to your customer and their needs.

Combining GeoNetMap with GeoSelect's new enabling technology allows customers to profit from their web sites in ways previously considered impossible. This new dynamic localized content technology allows traditional businesses to reach out to new markets and new sources of revenue.  

With GeoNetMap combined with GeoSelect you are able to cater to many essential business needs with only minimal development effort. 

How do I get started?

To get started, all you need is a $49 developer license.  Once you are ready to take the site operational in a commercial environment, then you'll find our server licenses to also be very attractively priced.  


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