The default template …

generates the greeting –
“Special welcome to our visitors from <%city%>, <%country%>.”
where <%city%> is the visitors City, and <%country%> is their

Here are some more templates listed below. The first line is just an
example of what the template on the second line produces. You only need to copy the second line to your page.

General phrases



Special welcome to our visitors from <%city%>, <%country%>.

We also deliver to great places like – <%city%>, <%country%>.

Welcome to the folk from great places like – <%city%>, <%country%>.

Hello to all the folks in <%city%>, <%country%>.

<%city%>, <%country%> – what a great place.

Hello to the people visiting this site from <%city%>, <%country%>.

Question: – Do you know what Country <%city%> is in?
Answer:- <%country%>

A warm welcome to my visitors from <%city%>

Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you have a great day in <%city%>

So, whats the weather like in <%city%>, <%country%> today?

We like to look after our customers from <%city%>, <%country%>

Welcome to our web site. I see we have a visitor from <%city%>, <%country%>

I see we have a visitor from <%city%>, <%country%> today. Welcome, we hope you enjoy your visit and have a great day.

Welcome to my visitors from <%region%>

Christmas Phrases
Happy Holidays to all our visitors from <%city%>, <%country%>.

We wish all the folks from <%city%>, <%country%> a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year <%city%>, <%country%>.

Happy New Year <%city%>, <%country%>. Have a great one!

We hope you have a great Christmas in <%city%>, <%country%>.

– because everybody's somewhere