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Geobytes provides an ever increasing range of dynamic, powerful, integrated, scalable, robust, knick knack-able …. mostly free services.

Geobytes’ Mostly Free Stuff


GeoIf dynamically replaces place-holders within your page’s content with the location details of your site visitors location. You use it by pasting a small code snippet into the bottom of your page, and then placing Geobytes’ place-holders throughout your page’s content.

Get City Details API

The Geobytes Get City Details API is the free version of our legacy IP Locator API. You can use it to to programmatically determine the service area of an IP Address.

Online IP Locator

An online tool to assist Internet users locate the geographical location of an IP Address. Just enter the IP address and the Geographic location is returned. Great tool for Fraud Prevention.

City Distance Tool

Calculate the distance between two cities using this simple online calculator.

City to City Moving Calculator

Independent moving cost estimator provides you with a ball-park figure on what your move is likely to cost.


GeoDirection dynamically redirects a web surfer based on their geographic location. For example, you could dynamically direct your site visitors from geobytescity to your owngeobytescity page. Just paste the following code in to the <head> section of your home page.


GeoPhrase inserts geographically customized messages into web pages.  We have many pre-made GeoPhrases to choose from, and you do not need to register to use any of our pre-made GeoPhrases. This is what our default greeting looks like:


No sign ups, no registration. Just paste this code to display a free GeoFlag on your webpage.


GeoWorldMap is a database that contains the cities of the world with their country, region, latitude, longitude and more.

CitiesJun 20, 201939484
CountriesJun 01, 2011275
DmasJun 01, 2011211
NBCDec 28, 20143365407
RegionsJul 20, 20153954

GeoWorldMap Integration Guide
HowTo: Install on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)

Email Origin Locator

Previously known as the Geobytes Spam Locator, the new Geobytes email origin locator is an online tool to assist you in locating the geographical location that an e-mail originated from. Just paste the header of the message into the Locator, and the origin location is returned including a list of the hosts that the message traversed to reach you.

Email Address Encoder Click Here

Character Reference” encode the email addresses on your website to make it more difficult for spam bots to harvest them.

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