Where Am I

Where Am I

“Where Am I” shows your location using a number of different technologies to determine where you are. You can use it to test whether your anonymizer, or non-transparent proxy is working or not, or perhaps you might use it just to find-out your IP Address. If one of the technologies does located you then it will include a more info link to where you can see more information about that location and even see it plotted on a google map, or at least it will plot where it thinks that you are.

“Where am I” based on your IP Address

HeaderIP AddressLocationMore Info

Your Location based on your Browser’s support for the W3C Geolocation API

Click the button below to see where your browser thinks that it is. Clicking the button will execute some JavaScript in your browser which will cause it to ask you if it is OK for it to share where it thinks that you are.  If you elect to share your location then we will display it here in the text box below.  Alternatively if you elect not to share your location then you will be able to see that your browser did in fact not share your location information – evident by the fact that the table remains empty.

Latitude Longitude Location More Info


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