IP Address Locator

Our IP Address Locator lets you find out the location of over 16,000 IP Addresses per hour for free – no registration, no captchas, no keys required. Both robotic and human IP Address lookups are welcome. Optionally deep link directly to the IP Address Locator results. AJAX, JSON, and JSON-P all supported. Scroll down for a list of nearby cities and a map.

IP Address to locate:

IP Address
Nearby Cities
Mi Km City Bearing Direction
Country Code
Region Code
City Code
Capital City


Here is a code sample showing how to use this service programmatically.

In PHP, for example you might access this IP Address Locator service like this:

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  • notlopsided

    Nice redesign. Too bad it doesn’t work.

  • Hi, Thanks for the feedback.
    I was just wondering what the issue was that you encountered – specifically whether it was just a transient issue or whether it is still there, and is something that I have missed.
    Any further feedback would be very much appreciated, as I am really trying to make this useful for everyone.

  • CognitiveThinking

    Thanks for your feedback – I was just wondering specifically what issue you were referring to when you said it didn’t work. I would be grateful if you could confirm if the issues persists, and if so, if you could please provide a hint as to the nature of the issue that you have encountered.
    In any case, I am keen to help, so please let me know if I can assist further.

  • Flower

    This site no longer works … ugh … why do people destroy things just because they want them to look better!

  • Flower

    There is nothing to click on after entering the IP! No way to find a location with this site! So if you’re the one who changed it, you really screwed up!

  • CognitiveThinking

    The site resolves the location of the IP Address as you type it in – at least it does for me. It does require Javascript support in the bowser to do it.
    In any case, if you are experiencing difficulty, then no doubt others are too, so as a possible fix, I will put a submit button on there that will force a lookup of whatever is currently in the “lookup box” and then see how that goes.
    Once you see that, could you please let us know particularly if that does not work for you.
    Thanks again for your assistance.

  • Smiddy808

    Im also having the same issues of not being able to enter an IP Address. I use Firefox 35.0.1

  • CognitiveThinking

    OK – How’s that?
    Now you can either, select from the drop-down list, press enter, or click submit.
    Does that work for you guys?
    (And either way – sorry about my stuff-up.)

  • Smiddy808

    Working perfectly now. Thanks for the fix!

  • Markustan

    I follow a link from a board I moderate. It used to bring the IP I am searching along to this page. The way it works now:

    1. I arrive here, but only see my own IP.

    2. Go back, copy the IP manually and paste it in the “Address to locate” box. Press submit.

    3. The location is shown, but only in the “Address to locate” box, as a “bubble” or pop-up. All the information below is still about my own IP address.

    4. Finally learned that I need to click the bubble to populate the remaining fields with the full info for the IP I am searching.

    It works, but it’s not intuitive and I am sure that it’s more clicks to get where I’m going.

    Nice redesign, thank you for the free service. Doesn’t seem to be quite there (as good as before) yet in functionality. Cheers.

  • Wesley Sykes

    I am in Virginia and it reports Florida, Way Wrong!!!

  • CognitiveThinking

    doh! – sorry I will get that fixed.
    btw you can post corrections here (http://www.correctgeo.com/), and they automatically go in to the next weeks map build.

  • CognitiveThinking

    OK, I think that I have identified the problem, and I am working on it.

  • CognitiveThinking

    Can you please post a copy of the URL that board is linking to, as something like this should work:


  • CognitiveThinking

    Can you please post a copy of the URL that you are coming in on? It should look something like this:


  • The following code has worked for months. Why has it suddenly stopped working? We only do about 2 to 10 lookups per day, if that. Note…. $ip is obviously the IP ADDRESS we’re passing in.

    $meta_tags = get_meta_tags(‘http://www.geobytes.com/IPLocator.htm?GetLocation&template=php3.txt&IPAddress=’ . $ip) or die(‘Error getting meta tags’);

    $city = $meta_tags[‘city’];
    $state = $meta_tags[‘regioncode’];
    $country = $meta_tags[‘fips104’];
    $lat = $meta_tags[‘latitude’];
    $long = $meta_tags[‘longitude’];

  • Nicola

    Something is wrong, I can confirm. I cannot anymore search for IP geolocation. It simply doesn’t work. Should I look for an alternative?

  • CognitiveThinking

    Hi Eric,
    Are you able to change

    $meta_tags = get_meta_tags(‘http://www.geobytes.com/IPLocator.htm?GetLocation&template=php3.txt&IPAddress=’ . $ip) or die(‘Error getting meta tags’);


    $json = file_get_contents(‘getcitydetails.geobytes.com/GetCityDetails?callback=callback&fqcn=’. $ip);
    $meta_tags = json_decode($json);

    As that will achieve the same result, and you get 16,384 look ups per hour for free – rather than the 20 free lookups that you received previously.

    FYI There is a complete working sample here: http://www.geobytes.com/get-city-details-api/

  • CognitiveThinking

    I am keen to help, but I am unsure of what you are referring to. Could you please provide us with an example of specifically what does not work?

  • PasserBy

    Your php code is hosed. To get it to work, change line 13 to:

    $json = file_get_contents(‘http : // getcitydetails .geobytes .com/GetCityDetails?&fqcn=’. getIP());

    (remove spaces in string above) Essentially, you need to add http:// at the start, and remove the callback=callback parameter in the query string.

    Also, I think you getIP() function is pretty pointless since all those server variables are easily spoofed. You may as well just go with $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]

  • Yeah, doesn’t work. No matter what IP I pass in, or if I use your function which returns the IP, I still get Nashville, TN for everything I test with. Unfortunately, I am in Seattle – and every other online IP checker I used shows me in Seattle. So in a nutshell, the code you gave as an example is not working. I used the code from the example page you mentioned

  • CognitiveThinking

    Yes, you’re right – nice save – thanks. (FYI I think that I must of broken it when I recently changed the FQDN from gd.geobytes.com to getcitydetails.geobytes.com – I will have to check the rest of the site, as I may have stuffed it up in other places too.)

    With regards to the getIP() function – it really depends on what you are trying to do. If you are not concerned with someone trying to spoof their location/IpAddress, but rather your priority is on accurately locating your typical site user, than using getIP() adds value, and in any case, not using it does not really help in either scenario.

  • CognitiveThinking

    oh OK – I see….
    Thanks for the correction – I have posted it here so that it will be included in our next map update. http://www.correctgeo.com/

  • realclearconservative

    Someone from Vietnam has been trying to get into my Tivo acct. Probably trying to add subtitles to all the programs I record. Thanks for the service!


  • notlopsided

    I stopped using your site a couple of months ago and never went back to this discussion. There was no “Submit” button on the IP locator page last I checked, and hitting Enter had no effect. Now I see you fixed it.

  • Yes, thanks again for your valuable feedback – I had not noticed the problem as I had always selected the IP Address from the drop down list, but upon having it pointed out to me, I agree that it was definitely a problem. It is great to have it fixed now, and I am even using the submit button myself. BTW – I also wired enter key to the submit button – which I am finding easier than having to reach for the mouse. It you have any further suggestions for improvements, then please let me know.

  • choekstr

    Ok, so how can I get results using a bash shell script? Before I would
    use curl or wget and pass in the IP and just grep out the results but
    now I can’t seem to figure out a way to submit an IP. This is for a
    simple script I use on my home server to show who is logging in via FTP
    and SFTP so I don’t need javascript webpage support and do not want to
    setup a full mysql database of local content to query.

    Is there a way to query still with cmdline?

  • Yes.
    For example:
    curl http://getcitydetails.geobytes.com/GetCityDetails?fqcn=

    "geobytescountry":"United States",
    "geobytesfqcn":"Chicago, IL, United States",
    "geobytescapital":"Washington, DC ",
    "geobytesmapreference":"North America ",
    "geobytescurrency":"US Dollar",
    "geobytestitle":"The United States"

    curl -s http://getcitydetails.geobytes.com/GetCityDetails?fqcn= | grep -oP '(?<="geobytesfqcn":")[^"]*'
    Chicago, IL, United States

    In any case, please let me know if I can assist further.

  • CognitiveThinking

    I am having trouble getting Disqus to accept my longer answer, so here is the short version:
    curl -s http://getcitydetails.geobytes.com/GetCityDetails?fqcn= | grep -oP '(?<="geobytesfqcn":")[^"]*'


    Chicago, IL, United States

    In any case, please let me know if I can assist further.

  • choekstr

    ahh, excellent! This is exactly what I was missing and this helps a ton.

    Much appreciated!

  • Ferg

    I am attempting to purchase mapbytes. Half of the time, I get an error saying “action failed” when I attempt to add the item to my cart. The other half of the time I get a message saying that I have successfully added it to my cart, but when I go to my cart, the cart is empty.

  • CognitiveThinking

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that Ferg worked around this by using the PayPal Buy Now buttons that you see in the right hand margin of each page. In any case, just for the benefit of other readers, the PayPal Buy Now buttons are replacing our previous shopping cart facility – the remnants of which are very soon to be completely removed from our site. So the PayPal Buy Now buttons are now the way to go.

  • Carl

    I was testing geobytes to use here at our office. I used the code provided above. I am receiving data when I submit an IP address, but the data coming back is wrong. For instance, I enter one of our IP addresses and it comes back to Melbourne, AU although we are located in Tallahassee, FL USA. I tried the address of 1&1 which is located in Wayne, PA USA ( and your code returns “New York, NY” (I get the same results if I enter these IP addresses directly into this page). When I try the addresses on other IP lookup sites, they come back correctly.

  • CognitiveThinking

    Thank you for the two corrections – I have updated our IP Address Map database accordingly, and the corrections will be visible from our web site by next Monday night, if not before.

    With regards to why they were wrong in the first place, both errors were the result of us having very little data for these ranges – most likely due to the fact that very little out bound traffic originates from either IP Address.

    Just by way of further explanation, the purpose of our map is to locate the geographic origin of internet traffic, and not the location of internet routers, so infrastructure that originates very little traffic is where we have the least data, and accordingly the least accuracy. (The other side of this coins, is that we are most accurate in high traffic areas – so we are able to locate a high proportion of the traffic accurately, as opposed to a high proportion of the Internet’s address space. In fact well over half of the Internet’s address space originates no traffic at all, but that is another story.)

    Finally, we really appreciate corrections, and are happy to receive them here, via email, or any which way, but to make it as easy as possible to get them into our system then you may like to post them to CorrectGeo, as errors posted there are automatically imported once or twice a week. http://www.correctgeo.com/

    In any case, thanks again for the corrections, and please let me know if I can assist further.

  • Hi,

    I don’t know what’s wrong but your ip to city database is corrupt. Many ip’s from brazil tell me they are in Los Angeles. I check on other ip location services and they get it right.

  • CognitiveThinking

    Would you be able to please post the IP Addresses in question, and I will look in to each case, and update our database as may be required. You may also wish to post any errors that you may find to http://www.correctgeo.com/.

    I am not sure if it applies in this case, but with regards to the other ip location services agreeing with each other… This raises suspicion that they are all using the same data source in this instance – which I would expect is the NICs whois database. In any case, I would recommend caution in making a determination of accuracy based on either a small data set or on just collaboration between providers – particularly where the determination concurs with “WhoIs data”.

    One only needs to consider what it is that the Internic’s who is records are recording to understand that they will be wrong a signification proportion of the time. This is because the Internic’s who-is records only record the city where the ISP is located, and not a list of the cities where that ISP’s infrastructure is used. And as I am sure that you are aware, many ISPs service tens, hundreds, and even thousands of cities – so you can see that for anything but a single city ISP, the whois record is going to be wrong most of the time.

    So while I accept that our map’s determination may sometime be wrong, I recommend that when testing the accuracy of each provider, you check the errors against whois and if they concur then do not consider that any recommendation, as it probably just means that they did not have any other data source for that address and are just falling back to whois data.

    In any case, thanks for letting us know abot the errors, and please let me know if I can assist further.

  • Chih-Wei Chang

    Some errors I found today.
    http://getcitydetails.geobytes.com/GetCityDetails?fqcn= => I got the totally wrong results form geobytes service. ( should be in Taipei, Taiwan and other geolocation website show correct result by this ip address.)
    We are in Taiwan instead of China ~
    wrong results =>

    “geobytescode”:”CN”,”geobyteslocationcode”:”CNCNKCIT”,”geobytescity”:”Keelung City”,
    “geobytescityid”:”3562″,”geobytesfqcn”:”Keelung City, CN, China”,
    “geobytescapital”:”Beijing “,”geobytestimezone”:”+08:00″,
    “geobytesnationalityplural”:”Chinese”,”geobytesmapreference”:”Asia “,
    “geobytescurrency”:”Yuan Renminbi”,”geobytescurrencycode”:”CNY”,”geobytestitle”:”China”}
    Please help us how to correct this wrong format.

  • CognitiveThinking

    Thanks for the correction – I appreciate it, and have updated our database accordingly. The correction should be visible from our site here as of next Monday night.
    If you identify any others, then please either post them here, or here: http://www.correctgeo.com/.

  • Neil_hyg

    Cable modem @ home / Suddenlink.

    This week, my IP address is I’m in Nashville, NC, “The Original Nashville.” At least that’s what the sign says on our main road. Yes, no relation to Nashville, TN.

    Usually, geolocators say I’m in Rocky Mount, NC, as does Geobytes traditionally. But today, Geobytes puts me in Wilson, NC, which I’ve never seen a geolocator do before. Geobytes is alone in placing me in Wilson, NC.

    The pie chart is an interesting strategy. The slimmest slices of the pie chart are unlabeled, or are labeled with only a half-a-letter. With the Firefox page-zoom and text-zoom set to 100%, there is also overrun of the labels, and some labels are hard to determine which pie-slice they refer to. Reducing the Text Zoom to “Tiny,” the overrun is mostly solved, but the unlabeled or partially labeled slices do not reveal additional letters.

    And the kicker is that Nashville (NC) is not represented in the pie chart (as far as I can tell) or the table of possible locations.

    Half a year ago, no geolocation services recognized I am in Nashville (NC). Today, 1 out of 10 correctly places me in Nashville (NC), which I guess is an improvement. But since GeoBytes was my first geolocator, and because there’s some interpersonal dialog, it’s become my favorite, and I’d like to see it get ahead.

    Interpersonal dialog — if you start me up.

    Also, if I type too fast, it tends to come out “geolactator,” which hasn’t even been invented yet. But I guess that’s something I’ll have to work out on this end. Assuming the geolactator returns “the location where you’d like to be,” I’d like to be the first entry in the database by saying “the Canadian Rockies.” Better yet, the Canadian Rockies in a different dimension.

    Best luck,

  • CognitiveThinking

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for the correction, and your kind words. I have updated the location of the ip address you provided to Nashville, NC, United States – It will be visible from our site here on Monday Night.

    With regards to the pie graph, you may have already found this yourself, but in any case the easiest way to see the full location that a slice represents, is to click on the slice, and then read the location from the table below – as it updates to whichever slice you click on.

    As for a “geolactator” – I hate to think what it might be, but if they do ever invent one then I would give it a wide berth.

    In any case, thanks for your support, and please let me know if I can assist further.

    Kind Regards

  • Neil_hyg

    Hi Adrian.

    Pretty fast response time from you; thanks.

    I described some problems I’m having with the pie chart, but I edited my previous post to describe them. I’ll try to highlight that section.

    Glad to noodge,

  • Pungh0Li0

    Gives incorrect location for Should be Spokane, WA but gives Olympia… 100’s of mile away. Tried several other sites and they are correct.

    https://www.whatismyip.com/ip-address-lookup/ gives 2 results. One is correct. The other is Bothel, WA

  • DJmcm

    Doesn’t work anymore: The free service has moved. Please see http://geobytes.com/free-get-city-details-json-p-api for details of our free service.

  • Sabrina Pinheiro

    The location of my IP address is way off! My IP address is:
    and on here it has my location as Miami, Florida, whereas other sites have it wrong as well but their wrong location for my IP address is New York.
    MY CORRECT LOCATION IS: MODESTO, CALIFORNIA……which is no where even near any of the locations listed under my IP address!! How do I change correct this problem or do you fix it? Do I need to go to other sites to have it fixed/changed or will fixing my location here take care of it completely? Thank you for any help.

  • CognitiveThinking

    Thanks Sabrina, I have posted your correction to http://www.correctgeo.com/ so it should make it in to our database with a couple of days.

    With regards as to how to get other IP localization services to update their database – other than posting to http://www.correctgeo.com/ I don’t know of any other service that is trying to centralize this, so unfortunately you will have to correct them individually as you find them.

    In any case, thanks for letting us know about the error, and please let me know if I can assist further.

  • CognitiveThinking

    The original service – at 20 free look ups per hour, was intended to be used manually, but as people started using robots to access the service we try to support that by adding templates, and this would have been fine if people had limited there robots to us the free 20 lookups per hour. However, some people just let there robots bash away at the page, at un-imaginably high rates so we have had to move this traffic to away from our primary web site – hence the move.
    However, we are keen to provide the service that people require, so the new location has been built to handle very high load – and that is why we have been able to increase the free look ups per hour from 20 to 16,384 accesses per hour. So while it is a pain to have to update your code – we hope that you will agree that it is worth it.

  • CognitiveThinking

    Thanks Pungh, I have posted your correction to http://www.correctgeo.com/ so it should make it in to our database with a couple of days. Hopefully other providers will update their records form there also.

  • Sabrina Pinheiro

    Thank you for posting that correction for me and for replying and resolving on your end so promptly~ I really appreciate that. 🙂

  • Fischmuetze

    Unfortunately the IP location data are more or less totally wrong … each other service knows that my ip is located in Berlin (and also knows the Provider). But this service is locating me in Switzerland… -> is Berlin, Germany, Provider is GNZ … also other IPS of our company could not located 172.24.x.x


  • Hi. I’m not certain whether or not you continue to intend to provide the ability to link to the output from this page, but at present the link you provide to “Link to these results” produces an error message. Thanks.

  • On a second look, the URL works if you delete “www.”

  • Benjamin Gruenbaum is reported as Lebanon but it’s in Tel Aviv.

  • Jeff James

    t seems as though the geolocation is off by a few hundred miles – If your in NJ is says NY – If your in Scotland — it says London — if in southern NJ – it says Philadelphia. When you look up these ips elswehere – they are much more accurate. It would seem as though if you live w/in a 100 miles of a bigger city than your own – it will list that city

  • Bryan

    Any plans to allow lookup of IPv6 addresses? My attempt just now resulted in an empty reply.

  • Gabriel

    It says Amsterdam 100% and I am in Madrid XD This Website doesn’t work at all!

  • Gabriel

    On IP 46.136.4X.XX

  • Nebeye Dauh Tukad

    situs tai kucing.

  • Todd Lane
  • Hans-Henrik Stærfeldt

    Just looked up my own IP address. It got it dead wrong. Im from Denmark, This say im from the Netherlands. And that IP has a well formed WHOIS answer and is from a major university….. Maybe I should do some evaluation of how correct the answers are?! This is correct; http://whois.domaintools.com/

  • CognitiveThinking

    I recommend that you do perform your own evaluation, but I would not recommend using WHOIS as the arbitrator. In fact I would be very suspicious of any provider that consistently concurs with WHOIS data.

    The purpose of the WHOIS data is to identify the entity (person or company) to which a block of addresses have been delegated. It is essentially an ISP Map, rather than an IP Address Map. While the granularity of the Geobytes map, is that of a single subnet – placing each subnet individually within the geographic area that it services, the WHOIS data has a granularity of “company” (or ISP), placing all subnets “allocated” to a given ISP in the same geographic location. Compounding the problem further, the large and successful ISP’s that carry the bulk of the Internet’s traffic tend to service wide geographic areas. Given these points and the fact that the WHOIS data will locate all of an ISP’s address space to the same city, then it is difficult to see how the WHOIS data, even if it was kept up to date, could be geographically accurate.

    On the other hand, the purpose of the Geobytes map is to map IP Addresses to geographical locations. To achieve this we acquire seed data from a number of sources. All of these sites ask the web surfer to provide their geographic location, and this location along with the user’s IP Address is forwarded to us as seed data. We then run this data through a series of algorithms which identify and extract collaborating seed points.

    In addition to accuracy, the problem with using WhoIs data is that it contains phantom addresses – addresses that have been allocated but are not used. (Addresses that are not configured in any ISP’s BGP router tables.) Only about 10% of the theoretical 4 Billion IP addresses are actually routable across the net. The remaining 90% will make it as far as your ISP’s BGP router and then go nowhere. What this means is that a WhoIs based database will have to be 10 times larger than it would otherwise need to be.

    More here: http://geobytes.com/faq/

  • Hans-Henrik Stærfeldt

    Well so far, the only data I have indicate that whois is correct within 1 km, while Geobytes is over 600km off. I would evaluate with a handful of well known universities where the whois is accurate/ location well known. I want to know this, because the sort of IP addresses I want accurate location on are exactly the university users, and the country two times removed is not really usable. I think your data collection method is likely to get less accurate exactly in this case, where I connect from a university with lots of international students and visitors (i’m surprised its not reporting China!). They will likely have lots of different localities reported on various websites (e.g. their address in their home country) when they connect from the university. I believe you may have some room for improvement there 😉

  • Rachael Burns

    your site works great–2 yrs later. it never stopped working. if a developer used a MSN or Google product? shame on them. lol

  • Rachael Burns

    Additionally? Disqus is a Google product ^_^

  • Filip D’Hulster

    Can this be used for multiple IP’s at the same time. Its for a internet radio station. Normal around +/- 100 different IP’s continues listening. Listeners change so also the IP’s change very often. Just need a script to see the actual IP’s and there country’s that are listing.

    Best regards.

  • FilipD

    Can this be used for multiple IP’s and there location? Would like to use it for a internet radio station. Mostly around 100 a 200 listeners and so many different IP’s that change very often.
    The IP’s and there country on one page thats refresh every 1min would be a great tool for our radio.

  • Baris Saydag

    I am trying IP address, belongs to Facebook. All the other geolocation providers show it as United States. Why does GeoBytes report it as Moscow, Russia?

  • tdk sesuai om

  • chocotuits

    Hi there, I’ve been using this script for a while but it looks like it recently stopped working. Accessing from Spain, it detects locations like Yemen or India. Any idea of what happened? Thanks!

  • Mouaz Sheikh Othman

    Can you please post a copy of the URL that board is linking to, as something like this should work:

  • Rasmus Rasmussen

    IP 9577970 .????

  • Rasmus Rasmussen

  • Thomas Kolbe

    I wonder where you get your geolocation info from, when i enter this ip it shows it to be in Amsterdam, but it’s located here in Denmark, just look it up in ripe…

  • Arman fcbarcelona4

    giving right IP but wrong location ,-, would be happy if it started to It started to give right location

  • Xmiles

    Is it possible to return Daylight Time in timezone?

  • G Neill

    If you’re going to use GetIP() then you should change the filter_var line to be:


    so that 192.168.x.x addresses etc are stopped.

  • Ruiken Ken

    Hello.. why i can’t found the location?? all is empty

  • Mike Holder

    Is there a method for correcting incorrect location information for an IP record on your service? I have some records for our company that I would like to get updated.

  • AJAX, JSON, and JSON-P all supported. Scroll down for a list of nearby cities and a map.

  • Reece Williams

    Any way I can go back to the old design of this page? I’m pretty fond of it. 🙂 Cheers anyway.

  • kotska carpestrano

    hoax yaa (:

  • Can it be a little faster? 0.2s max?

  • IP Address lookups are welcome. Optionally deep link directly to the IP Address Locator results.

  • Works great!

  • In any case, if you are experiencing difficulty, then no doubt others are too, so as a possible fix, I will put a submit button on there that will force a lookup of whatever is currently in the “lookup box” and then see how that goes.

  • Raj

    How to find the exact location with IP address???

  • I agreed with you.

  • Alternatively, if you would prefer something client-side

  • The following code has worked for months. Why has it suddenly stopped working?

  • Is there a method for correcting incorrect location information for an IP record on your service?

  • Can it be a little faster? 0.2s max?

  • Joefh

    When checking an IP address on your system, it gives a different location than 3 other checkers (which all agree with each other) do. Why is that?

  • Coop CSUR

    Hi, I am the isp provider for subnet and you have wrong information, how can we correct the situation? Are you using an other database?

  • Curtis Starnes

    I have been trying for 8 years to get our IP address block listed correctly by GeoBytes.
    We are located in Texas but GeoBytes always lists our location as Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Thanks!

  • +1

  • Me too!

  • In PHP, for example you might access this IP Address Locator service like this:

  • Mohamed Oglu

    s there a method for correcting incorrect location information for an IP record on your service? I have some records for our company that I would like to get updated.

  • Mohoor Punya

    Im also having the same issues of not being able to enter an IP Address. I use Firefox 35.0.1

  • Mohoor Punya
  • Gareth Owen

    they respond to facebook messages quickly but haven’t managed to get my subnet changed to correct location just yet

  • Saif ur Rahman

    Did you got the solution of these errors? I am having similar stuff on my systems of https://cricketfour.com/star-sports-1/

  • Doctor B.H.

    you report as being in Boston, MA USA. This is wrong. 2 other rival services correctly report this as being in Los Angeles, CA area or more specifically just south of there in Oceanside CA

  • +1

  • Finally an IP locator that works!

  • I have to check a lot of IP addresses. This tool make it a breeze to do so.

  • Works like a charm.

  • don’t think so.

  • I am in Virginia and it reports Florida, Way Wrong!!!

  • A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

  • Shawn Fenn

    I’m using this IP address to track someone who has been cyber-stalking me. I have been cornered by police twice after the cyber-stalker used my personal information to impersonate me and threaten law enforcement. I know this is somewhat of an odd story to explain, but I sure could use some help.

  • working perfectly.

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