GeoPhrase & GeoFlag

GeoPhrase – Dynamically insert customized greetings on your page for FREE

GeoPhrase allows you to dynamically insert customized welcome messages on to your page. Choose from many available templates.

This is what our default greeting looks like:

No sign ups, no registration – just cut and paste this very small piece of code onto your page.

The default greeting is “Special welcome to our visitors from ………”
However, we have lots of other templates to choose from.

GeoFlag – Get a GeoFlag for your site today.

Just paste this code to display a free GeoFlag on your webpage.

  • your templates page is down down down

  • CognitiveThinking

    ok – it should work now. Thanks heaps for letting us know.

  • Samuel Ladapo

    Please try to put in more money into adverts the whole world developers should know about Geobytes.
    Looking foward to buying VIP soon. its nice to be a VIP

  • netgoblin

    Hi. Is there any way to get a flag icon in JSON response, without any html/js code? A pure link to the image, maybe?

– because everybody's somewhere