Are your web site log files dull and boring? Rather read a City name than an IP address?

You need Geobytes’s GeoLyzer.

GeoLyzer provides you with the ability to process any data files that contain IP Addresses and to update them with the geographical data for each of those IP Addresses.

Try it for free

GeoLyzer processing is normally charged at 1 Mapbyte per resolution. That’s $1 per ten thousand resolutions, with no minimum charge, but here, via the following form, you can resolve the first 1,000 IP Addresses in your file for free.

Just enter the details of your file on the form here, and click upload. Immediatly after uploading, your processed file will then be available for downloading from the table below.  IMPORTANT: The free service is available to anyone, so whatever you upload may be veiwable to other users.  The paid version is private, the free version is not.

Processed Files

Please click on the file name to download.

FileWhenTotalUnknownNot Routable


How does the paid version work?

To access the paid version of our Geolyzer service, you will need some Mapbytes (you can use the Paypal button on the right to purchase some).  The paid version is very similar to the above, except that is private and you’re not limited to 1,000 IP Addresses.

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