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Child Initiated Academia

Games are costing our kids their future

We all know that computer games are for the most of it addictive time wasters that return little benefit for the hundreds of hours devoted to them. They consume your child’s energy and creativity, and produce little more than short term gratification. But to be honest, they do produce an addictive amount of gratification – and that is a good thing when you have a method to direct this very compelling and addictive force to motivate your child to engage in self improvement.  

World-class education

No doubt you have heard of Khan Academy – the free online non-profit educational organization created in 2006 to provide “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”.  It is fantastic, but of no use if you can’t get your kid to use it.  That is where Einstein’s Agent Einstein’s Special Agentand your child’s enthusiasm for their favorite game comes in.

Einstein’s Agent is a Game Edification System that channels the gratification generated by your child’s favorite game into a motivating force for self improvement.   It converts your child’s Khan Academy achievements into game minutes.

How does it work?

Einstein’s Agent creates a connection between your child’s progress through Khan Academy’s educational missions, and the time that they can spend gaming.  Specifically, it utilises Khan Academy’s User API to track your child’s “energy points” and then regulates their gaming time accordingly. The desktop module displays the current balance of their gaming time in minutes, so they can quickly see when it is time to top up by completing a “Child Initiated Activity” (CIA) on Khan.

It says that I need to upgrade my brain to continue.Children learn fastest when they want to learn, and Einstein’s Agent draws on your child’s enthusiasm for the game to power them through learning/gaming cycles.

What you need

To get started, all you need is a free Khan Academy account, Einstein’s Agent, and an activation key. Keys start from $9.95 per year, but if you pre-order now before launch you’ll get a lifetime subscription for the same price.  Please use the Paypal button in the right hand margin to take up this offer now. We only have 2,000 pre-order subscriptions available, and once they are gone, then they are gone.

Life changing

Game gratification is addictive, but it pales in the light of real achievement.  By exposing your child to the gratification gained through real self improvement, your child will discover the thrill of learning and be better placed to make balanced life choices in the future.

Einstein’s Agent re-channels your child's enthusiasm for computer games into educational self improvement.Imitation Self Confidence versus the Real Thing

Unbalanced game gratification can result in an unrealistic projection of one’s ability resulting in a very fragile and erratic self esteem that evaporates in the face of life’s real challenges.  Real self improvement on the other hand results in a robust self image and empowering self confidence that thrives in the crucible of the real world.

A generation of opportunity wasted

Humanity already faces some serious issues, without the need for virtual ones. Their are plenty of challenges to conquer and lives to save in the real world.  If a child does not learn to take joy in real challenges, then their lives will be empty indeed, and the world will be a lesser place for the abstains of their contribution.

Why is Geobytes doing this?

Geobytes, inc. is a family business – Mum and Dad – with two kids in Elementary / Primary school.  We have seen first hand how computer games consume children, consume their enthusiasm, their spark, their creativity.  We’re concerned about this enormous drain on society and the implication of this on all of our futures.

This is a small contribution for us – we have the skills and resources to easily complete this project, but it may just make a huge difference to our collective futures.   Whether it be in the arts, engineering, medicine, or science, the opportunities that  await our children are almost inconceivable, but missed opportunities are worthless,  and opportunity seldom knocks twice.

So how can we not do this.  Can we afford to lose this opportunity to seize a better future.  Are our kids really going to be happy gaming themselves in to poverty?  We are building Einstein’s Agent to help kids, help themselves – to break the cycle of obsession, to restore balance.

We hope that you will join us in our revolution.

BTW We could use a hand with marketing, spreading the word etc. The system is of no use if people don’t know about it, so please help us reach as many people as possible. Thanks.

Pre-order pricing

Pre-order pricing is for a lifetime subscription. After launch these prices will be for a 12 month subscription only. Please note that we only have 2,000 pre-order subscriptions available, and once they are gone, then they are gone.

Users Type Description Price
1 Single Single Lifetime Subscription $9.99
2 Duo Linked Khan Accounts must have common coach $19.90
5 Family  "       "          " $29.90
12 Grandparent  "       "          " $29.90
30 Teacher  "       "          " $99.90
1000 School  "       "          " $499.90
Note: The common coach requirement simply means that the account holder must be a coach of each linked Khan Academy account.  So to use your subscription with a Khan Academy Account, you must be an associate coach. You do this by logging in to Khan Academy and sending a coach request to each of your children – or the request can also be initiated from the child’s account.   There are instructions on how to add a coach here: https://khanacademy.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204707090-Add-a-coach

Expected Timeline

Software development is notoriously difficult to lock-in to a timeline, but here is a guide that we are confident that we can meet.

Date Event Windows Linux
2015-09-28 Commence
2015-10-26 Release Alpha Download Windows version Download Linux version
2015-11-23 Release Beta
2015-12-14 Release Version 1.0

System Requirements

OS Versions
Windows  Windows XP SP3 or later – including Windows 7 through to 10 both 32 and 64 bit versions
Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or better

Pre-order Before Launch

Pre-order now and receive a lifetime subscription for the same price as what a single year subscription will cost at the after launch  price.

Einstein’s Agent Lifetime Subsciptions


Finally, a big thanks to Reyes and BitRock for allowing us to use their world-class cross platform installer installer.

These guys ROCK!
We use cross platform installers by BitRock


  • CognitiveThinking

    We just launched this page a couple of days ago, and I would love to know what people think of the idea. Basically Einstein’s Agent is a utility that runs on your child’s computer that regulates the time that they spend playing computer games – such as Minecraft, while encouraging them to engage in educational activities that are provided by Khan Academy. All questions, feedback, and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  • CognitiveThinking

    We’re very close to releasing the first alpha version – which will eventually grow into a free “off-line” version of Einstein’s Agent. The free version does not interface with Khan Academy, so provides it’s own learning activities – seen here in the following screen shots. It also does not support multiple users, or remote management via the parent’s web browser, and of course the educational activities don’t hold a candle to Khan Academy, but it is a great way for your kids to learn their table, in lieu of the full subscription version.

  • CognitiveThinking

    The alpha release for the linux version is now ready, we just need to finish off the installer. (While the windows version should only be a couple of days behind it.)

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