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GeoReport - Who visited your site today?

Geobytes rips the lid off the net and allows you to see who's inside.

Whether you need to know how many visitors you had today from London or are just plain curious as to where in the world your site traffic comes from - Geobytes' GeoReports are for you, and with GeoReports there is no need to install any special software on your web server.

From as little as $29 per year Geobytes' GeoReport service provides you with an easy to understand graphical representation of the geographic origins of your site's visitors - providing detailed information on which city, region and country each visitor to your site comes from. Your reports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the results being recorded in real time.  Click here to see a live demo. 

This sample below, is just one of the report views available. It shows a city level break down of visitors for a one month period. 

All aspects of your business work better and run smoother when you know your customers and focus on them. GeoReport helps you focus on your customers by showing you where your site visitors are coming from geographically. You choose how you want to view the data and when. 

GeoReport offers many different report formats to assist you to analyze the information.
These include reporting by: 

  • Time frame
  • Date
  • Region
  • City
  • Country

You can use these reports to help develop marketing strategies, to track the success of a geographic ad campaign or for any other purpose you wish. The reports are updated in real time and are available for your perusal 24 hours a day. 

The reports give you the information you have always needed - the locations of your viewers.  Click here to see a live GeoReport example for the Geobytes' Home Page.

NO ads, NO links. It's out of sight!
GeoReport in no way impacts on your site design or its look and feel.  Installing GeoReport consists solely of inserting one line of code into the Web page for which you wish to receive reports. It requires no additional hardware or software and has no effect on the functionality of the page. You can access your site statistics at any time, through any Internet connection.

Why GeoReport? GeoReport does not use DNS lookups or rely on the Whois databases. GeoReports uses Geobytes' proprietary IP address to geographic location database to determine the visitors location (see GeoNetMap for more information on the database behind this product).

As of Nov 1, 2002 Geobytes visitors reports had recorded the location of over 126 Million visitors to over 22,000 unique pages.

Because everybody's somewhere!

How do I get started?

From only $29 per year, you can get your GeoReport running today. You will be emailed the code to place on your page and you can be up and running in a few minutes. Get your GeoReport running today from only $29. Click to buy.


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  Who's on your site right now?
GeoReport now comes with a Who's on Now report, showing you the last hours worth of visitors to your site. 

Check out the Who's on Now Report for this page.

No software to install
Just paste a few lines of code on your page.
Easy to understand report
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No ads on your page
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No impact on your site design
Many different report formats including City, Region and Country
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