VIP Access


Most of our services offer a large free component, so you may not need to purchase anything, however, in the case where you exceed the free portion and do not have any Mapbytes to pay for further lookups within that hour, then the service will return a “location unknown” response.

However, to avoid this you can purchase 100,000 lookups for $9.99 (via the Buy Now Button in the right margin) – and in so doing, becoming a VIP user.  If you are under the prescribed limits, then there is certainly no requirement to do so, but there are a couple of advantages to having Mapbytes in your account – even if you never use them. Such as:

  • You are recognised as a VIP user. (@ One Mapbyte per request.)
  • Your email to support will be prioritised above non-VIP users.
  • We will let you know if your server starts to send a large number of duplicate or malformed requests. (Whereas non-VIP users would have their requests blocked for up to an hour, and possibly indefinitely if their server continues to misbehave.)
  • Your requests in excess of the prescribed limits will still be served,
  • You can access our API services from a secure page across a secure connection (SSL), without generating browser warnings.
  • You can view your Mapbyte balance via our client services center.

The VIP advantage

Being a VIP does have its advantages. In addition to being able to exceed the free quoter limits mentioned above, VIP clients also receive:

  • SSL Access to all of our API’s
  • Email Notification of Events that could impact their access
  • Email Support
  • VIP Priority handling of their API requests
How to get a VIP Account

Access is purchased via our Maybytes mico-payment system (see the Buy Now Buttons in the right margin of almost every page) where you can purchase 100,000 lookups for $9.99. – that is about 1/100th of a cent per request or 10,000 requests per dollar, and that is in addition to any free component already offered by the service in question.

SSL Access

One of the requirements of using AJAX / JSON-P services – such as ours on a secure site, is that all of your page content must be sourced via a secure connection. As a VIP client you can access our API services from a secure page across a secure connection, without generating browser warnings.

To use it, you simply append your API key to the end of the service’s request URL, and update the request URL to use our secure server via HTTPS. So for example, to use our GeoDirection service on a secure page, you would replace an exiting free access request like this:

with something like this:

Email Notification of Events

Hopefully we will never need to send you an event notification, but in the past there have been all too many cases where a client’s web server, or browser script malfunctions for whatever reason, and starts to look up the same IP Address over and over (it does happen). Unfortunately, when this happens for a non-VIP client we have no choice but to silently block their requests – as we have no way of contacting them.

However, as a VIP client we can identify your requests from your API key, and can contact you via your registered email address, so in that case we can work with you to resolve the problem rather than our only option being to block your requests.

It may not ever happen to you, and no one thinks that it is ever going to happen to them, but unfortunately if does happen all to frequently.

Email Support

We want all of our users to get the maximum benefit from our services and would love to be able to work with each of them to address their specific requirements. The reality however is that we have limited resources to apply to client support, and naturally enough as our VIP clients have contributed to that pool of resources, they are given priority in our endeavour to serve them.

VIP Priority handling of your API requests

Most of the time, both VIP and non-VIP API requests will experience the same reliability and response times. However, during times of network disruption – say due to a denial-of-service (DoS) attack on our services, our server will automatically give preferential treatment to VIP requests.

It is nice to be a VIP.

– because everybody's somewhere