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Pricing and Licensing

This page contains Pricing and Licensing Information for the following products:
GeoSelect Product Suite 


The GeoSelect Product Suite

The GeoSelect Product Suite currently includes three standard components and one optional component as follows:
GeoServer  (standard)  - GeoSelect's Localized content server
GeoLyzer  (standard)  - GeoSelect's Geographical Log Analyzer
GeoNetMap  (standard)  - GeoSelect's IP address to geographical location database

GeoSelect Pricing Information (includes GeoNetMap, GeoLyzer, and GeoServer

GeoSelect pricing packages are based on the number of times that the database is used to resolve the location of an IP Address. However, we do not attempt to independently monitor usage. The only requirement is that you keep sufficient records to provide a reasonable approximate of usage. Please see the licensing agreements below for further information on this.

To get started, all you need is a $49 developer license.  Once you are ready to take the site operational in a commercial environment, then you'll find our server licenses to also be very attractively priced.  

All prices are in US dollars and include automatic weekly database updates.  

Pricing for GeoSelect Standard Components

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License Daily Resolutions*  Annual Fee
Developers License  Uncapped $49
Server License 10,000 per day $500 per year
33,000 per day $1,000 per year
100,000 per day $1,500 per year
233,000 per day $2,000 per year
533,000 per day $4,000 per year
1.1 Million per day $6,000 per year
2.2 Million per day $8,000 per year
Uncapped $12,000 per year
Enterprise License  Uncapped $25,000 per year

* Number of Resolutions Served is based on the average daily resolutions served over the preceding three months.  If number of daily resolutions cannot be determined, then a reasonable estimate can be made.  

GeoSelect Licensing Information

These license types are available: Developers License, Server License and Enterprise License. 
Click on the desired license to view the full license agreement.
Developer License Permits installation on any number of servers for Development and Evaluation Purposes only.  Note: The Developer Licenses is a fully functional working copy. 
Server License Permits installation on a single server computer. Provides for either a user specified capped number of resolutions or an uncapped level of resolutions.
Enterprise License Permits installation on an unlimited number of servers. Provides for unlimited number of resolutions.


Geobytes Remote Services

Geobytes also offers a number of remotely hosted services including GeoRemote and GeoLyzer Remote.
Pricing for these services are provided below:

Pricing for Geobytes Remote Services
Service Pricing How to Buy
GeoRemote is the ideal option for smaller, low volume sites.  GeoRemote provides you with remote access to our GeoNetMap database.
$1 per 1,000 entries processed, with a minimum charge of $100 per month. To subscribe to the GeoRemote Service, please email us at iNfO@gEobYtEs.coM 
GeoLyzer Remote
Remote processing of Log Files. The log files can be either sent to us on an adhoc basis, or once every month. 
$1 per 1,000 entries processed, with a minimum charge of $100. To subscribe to the GeoLyzer Remote Service, please email us at iNfO@gEobYtEs.coM 

All pricing on this page is in US dollars.
For details of the GeoRemote Service agreement please click here.

GeoReport Pricing

Pricing for GeoReport is based on hits received per day.
Users can select the level of hits which best suits their requirements. 

If you require to track more than one page within your site, then our 5 Pack subscription, provides you with GeoReports for 5 pages within your site.

Pricing for GeoReport

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Plan Hits per day**  Annual Subscription 5 Pack Subscription  
Nickel        500 per day $    29  per year $    99 per year
Copper     1,100 per day $    49 per year $  199 per year
Bronze     3,000 per day $    99 per year $  399 per year
Silver   10,000 per day $   299 per year $1,199 per year
Gold   30,000 per day $   799 per year $3,199 per year
Platinum 100,000 per day $2,499 per year $9,999 per year

**Once the number of hits for a given day exceeds the daily cap for the plan you are on, recording of traffic is suspended until the next day.

All pricing on this page is in US dollars.
For details of the GeoReport Service agreement please click here.

Mapbytes Pricing

Mapbytes are purchased as a set level of resolutions. Users can select the level of resolutions which best suits their requirements and can return as often as required to purchase further resolutions.

Pricing for Mapbytes

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Resolutions  Price 
  10 000 Resolutions        $     9.95
  20 000 Resolutions $    19.95
  50 000 Resolutions $    49.95
 100 000 Resolutions $    99.95
 500 000 Resolutions $  499.95
1 000 000 Resolutions $ 999.95

All pricing on this page is in US dollars.
For details of the Mapbytes Service agreement please click here.

Need further information...

At geobytes, inc we're keen to assist you to integrate and use our services.  
If you would like further information on our Pricing and Licensing options, please see our FAQ page or feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


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