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GeoSelect gives you the Technological Edge!

If you want to create new development markets, deepen relationships with current customers or earn more profits then GeoSelect is the tool for you. 

Impress your Clients
GeoSelect gives you easy access to numerous features that you can use to impress your clients.  From geographically customized menus through to log file analysis, your clients will be impressed when they see their web site dynamically transformed to the viewer's location.

GeoSelect delivers a competitive advantage to both you and your client.

Some of the features that GeoSelect can add to a web site include:

  • GeoMenus,
    Bold or highlight the menu options that are most relevant. For example, a sporting goods site might highlight the "Water Sports" option for visitors from Florida, while highlighting the "Snow Sports" option to the folks from colder areas.
  • GeoLists,
    Bold or highlight the entries that will be of most interest. 
    For example: From a Nationwide list of stores, highlight the stores in the viewer's state or region.
  • GeoNews
    Dynamically select "local" news from the company's national archive. News items can be sourced from a database, or can be in-lined in the page.  GeoSelect will dynamically select and insert the appropriate news item. 
  • GeoPhotos,
    Photos of local representatives, sales rooms, offices, local landmarks, make the viewer feel at home, helping them through their purchasing decision.
  • GeoContactUs,
    Make it easier for clients to contact their local representative by highlighting their "local" point of contact. 
  • GeoMaps
    Provide local maps and directions. Help customers to recognize and find you.

GeoSelect's new enabling technology allows customers to profit from their web sites in ways previously considered impossible. This new dynamic localized content technology allows traditional businesses to reach out to new markets and new sources of revenue.  

New Markets, New Revenue
For example, take the case of your local real-estate company in Ashford. They have made a modest investment in a web site, put up a few photos, featured a few properties, and for the most of it tried to show everyone everything because they have no way of dynamically changing their site to meet the needs of the viewer. This limitation has been costing them sales, and for the most of it, has resulted in a not so wildly profitable site.

In The United States, like in most countries, people from different cities and regions have different requirements in real-estate. A person from a poorer city or region typically requires a more modest dwelling than a person from a more affluent area.  Accordingly the local real-estate company in Ashford is significantly more likely to sell a more up market dwelling to the person from the more affluent area than to the person from the poorer city or region.  The ability to dynamically customize their site's content to be more compatible with the social and economic profile of the viewer's location is likely to be a discerning factor in the commercial viability of their web presence.

Increase the perceived value of your development effort
While many Internet technologies operate behind the scenes and are relatively hidden from your client's view, GeoSelect produces very visible improvements to a site's usability.  Improvements that any client can see and appreciate.  Knowing your customer and catering to your customers needs are widely accepted basic business principles. GeoSelect is essential for both. It is extremely easy to sell the benefits of geographic log file analysis and dynamic localized content to a business savvy client.

With GeoSelect you are able to cater to many essential business needs with only minimal development effort. 

Do things that are beyond the reach of your competition.
How many of your competitors have tools to geographically analyze server log files, or could add a GeoMenu, GeoList or GeoPhoto to a web site in ten minutes?  Could they build a web site that adheres to local laws and regulations at a state / regional level ... like you can with GeoSelect? 

Why GeoSelect? Everyone is looking for that something that will give them the edge over their competition, that will make them standout from the crowd. GeoSelect is that product. GeoSelect is the fastest and most powerful geographical customization tool available today. 

Check out GeoSelect and see how easy a Web Developer's life can be!

How do I get started?

To get started, all you need is a $49 developer license.  Once you are ready to take the site operational in a commercial environment, then you'll find our server licenses to also be very attractively priced.  


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